Wear Wednesday: B. Toys


When it comes to kids toys, it can seem like a sea of primary colors and gadgets that beep or talk, but some of our favorite toys have been B. Toys, and if you’ve never seen this line of toys or had the pleasure of receiving one as as gift, you’re truly missing out.  The colors and patterns they use are exciting like hot pink triangles and turquoise zigzags, their package is unique and made out of recycled materials, and whether they’re new on the shelves at Target or at our favorite second hand shop, they always seem to find us.

We’ve been given these toys for the kids over the years; a Teepee that we put in our outdoor play area, a set of 4 fanciful cars, a broom and dust pan set shaped like a bird when Royce went through her “I want to help with housework” phase, wooden blocks in a canvas bag for Finn when he was 1, a magnetic stamp activity, somehow we ended up with a cute B. bag with yellow handle that we use for lollipops and tootsie rolls, and we were just gifted a school bus with a driver and passengers that beeps, flickers headlights, vibrates and drives like a few feet on its own! It’s a huge hit, even Weezer wants to play!

So not only do they make great toys that foster learning, growing, and independent play, but they have a giving back component to them as well, and its no secret that we totally love that. My knowledge of the company was just that really until I read more about them and I was even more impressed!

The colors they use are inspired by their world travels, like Peruvian textiles and New England foliage, ‘by a bar of soap that gave [them] a moment of delight’. So fun! And here are just some of the cool things about them and their awesome commitment to the planet…

They’re minimizing.

They use recycled materials.

They’re packaging toys in bags you’ll love to reuse.

They’re designing boxes to become pretty trays to hold tiny treasures and even making some packages reversible to become gift wrap. What!?!?!

Their inks are soy-based and varnishes water-based.

Every single bit of our clear plastic is recyclable and marked #1, the most widely recycled plastic available. And when they simply have to create a tie to hold a toy in place, it’s made out of 100% recycled polypropylene (PP), easily recycled again.

What’s even more rad is that while they’re having fun coming up with the latest and greatest gadgets for kids, they’re also giving a portion of their funds to Free the Children, a global mission based organization started by a 12 year old!!! This just proves that ‘children helping children can change the world’ and part of their mission, of which over 45 million youth from over 45 countries have become involved in is: to free children from poverty and exploitation and free young people from the notion that they are powerless to effect positive change.

Wow. We feel universally connected to this company and hope to work with them in the near future to bring about even more positive global change and impact the lives of those around us for the better. And put more smiles on kids faces. Learn more about this fascinating company and peruse their shop by clicking here.