We broke down in a field

I love this photo because it was taken the night we got stuck in a field at the James Island County Park. We arrived late the night before and had to be out by 11 the next morning. Like the go getters we are, we had everything packed up and ready to move into our new spot by 9:45am! Except the person in spot 67 was still sleeping so we decided to drop the rig off in the overflow field to meet our Uncle David at his apartment by 11. Being rushed and our 5th day of actually living in it we neglected to rundown the checklist of things that need to happen and we made a rookie mistake. We neglected to unlock the hitch from the truck so when we were putting the front stabilization legs down we ended up lifting up the pick up! We had to kick the gooseneck locking bar back and the truck dropped about a foot!! Then the legs stopped working and we were concerned we blew the motor. We were stranded with no fresh water, no electrical hook-up and half full grey and black water tanks…not the ideal scenario. Stressed out and scared we went to see our Uncle David who, in response to our apology for being late said, “I can be nothing but proud of the two of you. I’ll see you when you get here. Don’t rush.”

After an amazing encounter with a relative we had never met, and now can’t imagine not having in our lives, we got some RV phone support, a few fuses and fixed the “broken motor” in a matter of minutes. We went out to celebrate at Sermet’s, the best meal we had in Charleston and Finn wore his Be The Change shirt for the first time. Full from a delicious meal the entire family enjoyed and feeling confident from our repairs earlier in the day, we took this photo.

You gotta #bethechange you wish to see in this 🌎. If not for yourself, then do it for your kids so they can!!

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It was the first time in the two weeks we had actually been on our trip that we felt like we had made the right decision to take a leap of faith and chase our dreams.


  • Meryl Kessel Posted August 6, 2017 10:15 pm

    Learning and growing everyday…beats working in a cubicle and perfecting just a handful of skills.

    • Britt Posted August 8, 2017 2:18 am

      You are absolutely right! If you’re not growing, what’s the point!?

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