Travel Tuesday: St. George to Moab to Larkspur, CO, 665 miles!

What a week it has been! St. George, UT blew our breath away with its beauty and frankly, the amazing food we had there. We found a cute authentic Hawaiian poke place and then an awesome Peruvian chicken joint. We did not think we’d be writing home about the food but yeah, good stuff. Also, aside from the great hike we went on, the middle of nowhere feel of our site and the crazy views around us, another highlight for me was the kid’s museum and the city splash pad. I got to “milk” a cow at the kid’s museum and it’s fair to say I’ve always wanted to try, real or fake, didn’t matter to me. It was awesome. And the splash pad was really neat, like a long rocky river that the kids could play in, they had a blast and made for some nice afternoons.

Next, we made our way to Moab, UT. I had heard great things about this place and thankfully we found a campsite. Call us amateurs but we’re really not planning ahead enough to land reservations easily but it does always work out for us in the end. I scored 4 nights at OK RV site just a few minutes outside of Moab. Small little place, but we got a huge back in spot that backed up to the mountains and an old half abandoned horse stall, we also had a nice patch of super green grass which they watered all day, every day, and huge shade trees. There was a little lot of sand right next to the site and the kids rushed to it with their pails and scoops as soon as we got there. It was an ideal spot, and no one really cared about rules so the dogs were out and about which is always preferred for me.

We visited Ken’s lake one day, a huge man made lake fed by a natural waterfall that you can see from the rocky shore. Water was chilly and perfect, we packed a picnic lunch and set up beach camp all day. IDEAL! We of course visited Arches National Park but unfortunately many of the shorter hikes were all closed due to construction on the road so we only got to a few but nevertheless it was magnificent. Royce wasn’t having it so we were kind of okay heading home, it was hot and hiking with kids on our backs, one of them whiny, was not our idea of fun. One of the highlights was the BEST dino parks we’d ever been to. The life-size dinosaurs were incredible, the exhibits were out of this world cool. They had a large movie projector that you could hand crank to see the dino story, man it was cool. See our pics in the head of a dinosaur! There was a prehistoric aquarium where you walked through with 3D glasses so it looked like the various dinosaurs were swimming in their tanks and then at the end they had a shark attack where the whole room shook and sprayed water. I can’t express how cool this was!

We rolled out of Moab early so we could hit our 6.5 hour destination in Larkspur, CO and about an hour into our drive, we hear a huge POP! Low and behold, we had a blow out. We handled it like champs, I must say, even when the first roadside assistance driver cancelled on us 1.5 hours into waiting for him, then to have to be told it’ll be another 1.5 hour for another driver, it was an experience that was happening FOR us. Jeff was a BOSS and rolled up on a couple pieces of wood that we usually use for stabilizing, he was able to remove the tire and take off the spare in the back so when the service guy arrived, he was in and out in 5 minutes. Jeff and I grew immensely in that experience both in our mindset, as RV owners, and as parents, because entertaining 2 kids in a car for 4 hours is not a piece of cake. Finally we were on the road but worn and not up for a long drive. I saw that Grand Junction was only about an hour away and thought, we’ll just free camp at a Walmart overnight and get an early start. But then I did a little more research and found an RV blog of a guy who stayed at a winery about an hour from us. I called and they said that they were Harvest Hosts, a network of wineries and farms that host RVers for free in exchange for business like work or wine tasting. We were SO IN!!!!!

We rolled into Palisade, CO at about 3pm and it was the most beautiful little spot, and for free! Jeff filled up the generators to power the AC since it was HOT, and then we popped in to grab some wine and homemade fudge. We ate dinner at a bar in small-town Palisade, not a highlight of the trip, and hit the road early the next morning on course for Jellystone RV Resort in Larkspur, CO. We winded through some of the most beautiful settings; lush mountainsides, rushing rivers, expansive lakes, it was incredible. We stopped off in Vail in hopes of getting out, stretching our legs, walking around the picturesque little town but it was quickly apparent that there would be absolutely NO WHERE to park the RV, and there were signs all over the place that said no street parking. So, as we made our way cautiously through a tiny, million dollar plus neighborhood to turn around since the GPS insisted we U-turn which was going to be impossible, a guy stopped us and asked if we needed directions. He then pointed us in the direction of West Vail, where there would be parking across from some eateries. We had an awesome lunch at Yellowbelly, a organic chicken joint with yummy sides, like citrus quinoa. And then, back in the car for a 2.5 hour road trip.

Jellystone was a place both Jeff and I wanted to stay at some point in our travels, especially for the kids, but a day in and we’re unimpressed with the amenities, activities, lack of service, and condition of the park especially for the outrageous per night price. On the bright side, Royce and Finn did get to see Yogi Bear today, and lots of high fives and hugs were exchanged, we got to visit their barn with goats, lambs and chickens, and jump on their jumping pillow.

As I write this, we’re sitting outside in the chilly 65 degree weather listening to the trains go by, I am ever so thankful for this life we are leading. We’re bonding, working hard, hitting business milestones and goals, loving on the kids hardcore, and seeing so many beautiful things everyday. Couldn’t be more grateful. Where to next? Not really sure, and that’s the beauty of this life!