Travel Tuesday: From Mt. Charleston,NV to St. George, UT

We were giving the mountains some major love this week with two awesome visits to the mountains of Nevada to the red rocks of St. George, UT- with a little visit to Vegas in between for business.

Before hitting the steamy temperatures of Vegas we decided to hide out in the Spring Mountains in Mt. Charleston, NV per a recommendation from a woman we met in Branson, MO. She claimed it was 20 degrees cooler than Vegas and that did not disappoint! We found a gorgeously remote site in Fletcher View Campground and after 30 minutes of back and forth into our spot we finally got in. It was the first ultra remote site we’d been in with just electricity and no water with made for a really fun, yet smelly 3 days! The kids had a blast and for the first time we really felt like we were camping, and Royce even “washed” her face with dirt every morning, I just loved how dirty they got. We spent so much time outside since it was such nice weather, we had a great breakfast at the lodge on top of the mountain, went on an amazing hike up through the mountains with the kids on our backs, we made some great meals, and for the first time we had a fire, AND roasted s’mores, AND slept with socks on, AND slept with two blankets. It was GLORIOUSLY CHILLY!!

After a few days, we drove 45 minutes into Vegas where we rented an Airbnb with our business partners including my parents, and Jeff’s mom flew in to help watch the kids while we were away. Though we longed for the cool temps and camp life, we were ever so grateful to have a hot shower- oh man did that feel nice- and help with the kids! We had an awesome business conference but it was Sunday and time to roll. Coincidentally, Jeff’s dad had booked a trip to Las Vegas the same time we were in town and he’s got a sweet All Access VIP Fancy Shmancy Pass where virtually everything he does and touches is comped, so we HAD to take part in a little of that. We visited him at Caesar’s, gorged ourselves on the lavish buffet, took in the sites at his 2 story suite and stocked up a gazillion sundries using his comp credits at the store. It was such a treat! Then we hit the road, albeit full and tired!

We chose to spend a few days in St. George, UT. I had heard it was an incredible place after my parents visited several years ago, and the fact that it was only 2 hours from Vegas was very appealing. We could not believe our eyes when we meandered through the mountains and then eventually found our way to Snow Canyon State Park. the petrified dunes and lava was indescribable beauty! We’ve hiked, we’ve had some great meals, we’ve done everyday stuff like grocery shopping and a great visit to the children’s museum where Jeff and I took turns working and being with the kids since we’re without internet service at our park.

It’s been an incredible week and we’re so very lucky to have had these parks virtually all to ourselves; the serenity, the expanse of sky, the vividness of the stars and the fresh smells of all out nature are what we’ve been seeking and we feel grateful that we can share it with you all, as well!