Travel Tuesday: Branson, MO to Flagstaff, AZ and 1,187 miles

Travel Tuesday: Branson, MO to Flagstaff, AZ and 1,187 miles

Its Travel Tuesday and we’ve officially been on the road for TWO MONTHS!!!

We’ve traveled 1,187 miles from Branson, MO and spent some overnights in Amarillo where we were just long enough to set up camp, get the truck looked at with a clean bill of health, swim at the indoor pool, and make burgers, then on to Sayre, OK in the middle of beautiful nowhere for a peaceful evening, another 4.5 hour drive to Albuquerque, NM where the kids had time to play on the playground and then we had dinner at the best hole in the wall authentic Mexican, Mary & Tito’s. We had been given a recommendation from a friend when we were in town last February and we fell in love, especially Jeff; he’s been jonesin’ for their specialty, the Adobado Popover which received a James Beard Award. DELISH! And we just spent an awesome few days in the Coconino Forest outside of Flagstaff, AZ. We had driven through this beautiful mountainous area a few months before when we road tripped to Sedona and had our sights set on this locale. Though we couldn’t stay at any of the state parks nestled deep in the forest because our rig is too big,  we found a great RV park spot with lax rules and friendly folks that still allowed us to feel like were in the thick of it. The weather was a pleasurable 76 during the day and dropped to the 50s at night; I think we ran our AC once midday. The moment we left Austin, we were in search of these temps and we had finally found it; we were finally able to sleep with the windows open, use our heavy blanket, and we all had to sleep in socks.

It’s funny, sometimes when you’re on the road and spending days at an RV park, its easy to forget how you’ve spent your days because it’s not so scheduled like life back in Austin. Though we have a list of to-dos like laundry and grocery shopping, we are able to have a more relaxed day, let the wind take us where we want to go, so to speak!

We found ourselves on a beautiful hike through the conifers and evergreens, taking walks around our RV park and meeting the neighbors, cooking all of our meals outside because why not!, birdwatching from under the awning, and our last day was punctuated with a visit to Slide Rock State Park. My grandparents had taken me and my brother there when I was about 8 or so and I had such fond memories of it. It definitely did not disappoint and was surreal going there 25 years later with my family. The water was just as chilly as I remember it, and the slippery rocks that make for the most fun and freezing slides down the canyon were just as exhilarating. Jeff captured his thrill ride down the slide on our new GoPro, check it out here. And, Royce loved it most for the rocks that we had to traverse; she’s quite the little rock climber!

Today we’re en route to Mount Charleston, NV to seek out more breathtaking views and delicious temperatures before we head to Las Vegas for a business convention and 100+ temps.

Follow along… post Vegas we are headed to some to-die for sights like Bryce Canyon and Mt. Zion and you’re not going to want to miss out on our adventures. #epicRVentures #traveltuesday


Royce’s favorite sights on the road.. Trains!


Mary & Tito’s acclaimed Adovado Popover, Finn and Dad are loving it!

Coconino sunset

Hiking in the Coconino

Playing outside, enjoying the weather while Dad cooks dinner!

Slide rock family pic

A stop off at Camping World proved to be quite a photo op of the rig!

Our first glimpse of the peaks in Nevada!