The Remodel

The Remodel


We decided to buy a brand new RV to eliminate the potential issues of a used RV because let’s face it, we’re total amateurs, but since this was going to be our home for the next couple years, I had to make it our own so it was a place we felt like being in! Not that it wasn’t very nice inside, it was spankin’ new afterall (see video tour) but the dark wood, brass fixtures and farty looking window treatments just were not cutting it for me; I was jonesing to make some serious changes. And if you know me at all, designing a space is my passion so I was stoked to  be at the helm of a new project!

I had seen so many remodels of RVs on pinterest all white and pristine so that was my vision, with pops of color, of course. Jeff and I totally thought we could do it all on our own but soon realized it was a much larger project to tackle, 350 square feet of sanding and painting to be exact, and with our time being consumed with two kids, businesses to laying and run, and prepping and packing for this giant life change, we knew a handful of hours at night wasn’t going to cut it so we ended up hiring someone to tackle the work. Jeff and I did spend many fun nights in the RV listening to music and redesigning the RV to better suit how we’d live in it.

Here’s what we did!

  • Removed the horseshoe shaped dinette which took up about 3/4ths of the main living space. It was a beast of a thing and not pretty, and we knew we would not be spending much time sitting at a table. Replaced this with a midcentury modern kitchen table with two table leaves which can be made small or larger.
  • Removed the small couch in the living space which would have only fit 2 people. Replaced this with our large IKEA sleeper which we can all fit on comfortably and can open up to a bed should a fellow adventurer decide to visit us!
  • Replaced the wood laminate floors and oatmeal colored carpet with a gray rustic modern flooring.
  • Removed the couch in the kids back bedroom so we could create more floor space for them to play.
  • Removed all the window treatments and replaced with gray accordion black out shades in the living room and gray curtains in the bedrooms.
  • Removed the mini fridge in the outdoor kitchen with a combo washer and dryer because WHY spend time at a laundromat when you’re life is now all about traveling!
  • Made one of the top bunks into a crib for Finn.
  • And many more personal, practical, fun touches to make our space home.
  •                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The person we ended up hiring to do the time suck work didn’t have as much expertise as he claimed, but no need to dwell on the irritating past! After several missed deadlines on his part, no show days, and every excuse in the book, he was finally done with the project when my mom stepped in like a badass and kicked him out of the RV. It was time for us to finally start moving into the RV and put our finishing touches on it, and frankly, finish what he couldn’t after 2 months. Our new house on wheels is a constant work in progress to make the space more user friendly, easier to pack up and breakdown at the end of a stay, and just more us, but we are super duper happy with how it turned out!