You’re Moving Into An RV?

The day we bought our RV!

Why did we decide to move into an RV? From what I can remember, it was sometime in November or December 2016, we were up late one night working, our usual M.O, and we stumbled on a Youtube channel called Less Junk More Journey about a family of three who sold everything, minimized their lives and moved into an RV full time. We thought this was so damn cool. And that video stuck with me for days, for weeks. One afternoon during nap time, Jeff and I were chatting, going over our week, what we had to do, who was going to clean what (ugh!), and how we were both feeling a little stuck. I blurted out, “let’s move into an RV!”. And with that, the idea was born.

I was half serious, half joking. But Jeff, being the impulsive, action-oriented guy that he is, started diligently researching, reading, and YouTubing. Me, being the more practical, realistic person, tried to put the brakes on the whole thing. But, we were full steam ahead and by February we were going to the RV and Boat Show to check out potential homes. It all moved rather quickly. We find a property management company, our home was put up on the rental market, we traded in our Nissan Murano for a King Ranch F250 pickup, and on March 3rd we visited Waco to check out some RVs, and we signed the paperwork on our very own Salem Forest River 36′ Fifth Wheel. I still didn’t feel like it was real.

We received a couple offers on our home for rental and though I had hoped to start this journey in September, the universe had other plans. Our move out date was drastically moved up to June 20th in exchange for a sweet rental rate that we just couldn’t pass up. So, once those details were locked into a contract, I figured at that point, this was for real.

We had a million and one things to accomplish and at the very same time, we were trying to launch a couple different businesses. We are known to take on a lot because we like to have a lot of things in the fire, but the stress of the following couple months really tested us as a family and as a couple. Many times we questioned why we were doing this, was it all worth the stress!?  But nothing worth having is always a breeze. And we knew if we just pushed ourselves forward just a little bit more each day, it would all get done. Certainly not without the help of both sets of parents who came in to help with both remodeling of the RV and watching the kids.