Sunday Funday? Our first blowout…

Sunday Funday? Our first blowout…

Britt and I woke up really early this morning to leave Moab Utah for Larkspur Colorado (just outside Denver). We were exceptionally on point this morning as we had eaten, packed up, and loaded everything all before we got the kids up! We were on the road by 9, two hours earlier than usual because we “had a long day head of us”. We don’t typically travel more than 4 hours but today’s stretch was a firm 6. We’ve done 14 hours together on a road trip in our Mercedes but when you’re pulling your house by an F250 you don’t go quite as fast.

Feeling good and listening to Moana we were 1/4 mile from our turn towards Grand Junction off 191 when we got our first blowout! I knew it would happen eventually, you hear every “full timer” say it, and honestly it could have been much worse. The waterproof lining under the rig was shredded but no holes in the floor or fiberglass!! We called a tow truck to help us and they gave us an estimated wait time of 75 minutes. We had cell service, snacks and a beautiful day ahead of us, our spirits were pretty high! We called after an hour to get an eta and we were told it would be another 45 minutes.

No worries, things happen for a reason and this is happening FOR us not TO us. Still looking on the bright side but now I’m jonesing to see if I can change it myself. Help was on the way anyway right, why not try? My truck jack was behind the kids’ seat and they were napping so I used the wood blocks typically reserved for the front jacks to put under the front tire to give me some leverage. I successfully got the shredded tire off but was 2 inches shy of getting the new one on. Hot and ready to be on the road again, I called Farmer’s to see where the tow guy was. HE CANCELED ON US! Again, the timing wasn’t right and we needed to be there a bit longer but in the moment, I was not super thrilled and neglected to keep that in mind. We called Farmer’s and they could tell how upset we were. They sent a new tow guy who arrived 60 minutes after my call and he was there for less than 5 because I had done 95% of the work. I got some pointers and a 20 ton jack is only $25 so I’ll be getting one of those tonight for myself or to help out future travelers.

Farmer’s called a few moments later and apologized for the terrible service and offered us a $25 Amazon gift card. I thanked them for the offer but politely explained that as a freelance artist I charge $125/hr so $25 for a 4 hour ordeal was a nice gesture but far from being in the same ballpark. I asked if the manager could do anything about that and the sympathetic woman on the other end said she’d talk to her manager.

A bit jittery and hoping the other wheels would last we set out for St.Kathryn Cellars, a winery that’s allowing us to boondock (free camp) in their backyard! We have an awesome view of a cliff but it’s been since just outside Branson that we’ve needed to run the generators! Before we set out for dinner I got an email with a $100 Amazon gift card!! I sent them a thank you email, it was a classy move, but it pays to be nice. After we put the kids to bed, we fired up our laptops when a local came running over to tell me there was a wild bear on the loose headed this way! Still no sign of it but today sure has been an adventure, I think I’m good to end the night without a dog/bear fight! Looking forward to getting on the road again tomorrow to see what the day brings.

Royce was so tuckered out from all of the playing we did in the car waiting for our tire help.

The universe really worked in our favor today, look at our setting at the Winery!

View from the front door

Kiddos are loving their new camp chairs. We’re snacking and waiting for the RV to cool down, it was a hot one.