Enjoy the process

Somewhere along the way society steps in and tells us that we must get things right on the first try. We at Royce+Finn don’t believe that. When we see a talented individual we know HUNDREDS OF HOURS OF PRACTICE went into whatever skill they are “perfect” at. We encourage our kids to keep trying and

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We broke down in a field


I love this photo because it was taken the night we got stuck in a field at the James Island County Park. We arrived late the night before and had to be out by 11 the next morning. Like the go getters we are, we had everything packed up and ready to move into our

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A Million Things To Do

It’s nice to be far removed from the pre-epic adventure chaos and be blogging about it now from the road. Halleluja! It truly was one of the most stressful, tension filled times in our lives and to think we brought it all on ourselves! It is interesting that sometimes the things that you wish for

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The Remodel

CHECK OUT TOUR OF THE RV PRE-REMODEL! We decided to buy a brand new RV to eliminate the potential issues of a used RV because let’s face it, we’re total amateurs, but since this was going to be our home for the next couple years, I had to make it our own so it was

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