About Us

We were just like every other parent who had a goal of raising good humans and like every other parent, we also cared about what they wore. But what we found when shopping for new clothes, there was no shortage of princess tees and “I’m a lady killer” onesies and absolutely nothing of substance. We wanted clothes that both represented our unique kid and said what kind of parent we were. So, we straight up created it ourselves!

We were inspired by Royce and Finn, our two amazing kids, to create a company whose mission is to influence the next generation of thinkers. Our goal is to develop the right mindset for them at a young age because the right mindset can lead to a life full of adventure, abundant success, and the ability to positively influence others and forge strong relationships, and who doesn’t want that for their little one?

We’ve recently rented out our home in Austin, TX and have set out on an adventure of our own touring the US with Royce, Finn and our two pups in a 350 square foot camper. Check out our latest adventures on our blog!

A Worthy Cause

We believe that every child should know that they are cared for and loved, and taught that despite their circumstances, they can accomplish anything. For this reason, we’ve chosen to partner with Caring Hands, a 501c3 non-profit whose mission is to feed hungry children in third world countries and provide resources and education. One dollar from every sale will be donated to this incredible organization.

In 2016, Caring Hands fed 1.25 million people with their Potato Pak pro-gram and they have contracts with the Red Cross for the next 5 years to provide 2 meals a day in numerous undeserved villages. Their work is incredible.

To learn more about the Caring Hands Foundation or to donate please click here.

We thank you very much for your support.

Go with love,
Britt, Jeff, Royce + Finn