A Million Things To Do

Sitting on our brand new F250 when the RV first made it home for the remodel!! We’re all pretty stoked!

It’s nice to be far removed from the pre-epic adventure chaos and be blogging about it now from the road. Halleluja! It truly was one of the most stressful, tension filled times in our lives and to think we brought it all on ourselves! It is interesting that sometimes the things that you wish for the most can bring about the hardest of times in your lives, like having kids. But it’s all about your mindset, how you handle the stress, and making sure you’re constantly reminding yourself that you’re working towards something so incredible and amazing that it is all worth it. I think the key is to choose to be grateful and positive throughout the process; it’s certainly a workout for the mind, body and soul, and is easier said than done.

I just had to write this blog post to remind ourselves the incredible feats we accomplished during that 3 month period when we first purchased our RV on March 3rd to June 15th, day one of our epic adventure. Here’s what transpired, give or take a few things I probably chose to forget!

Found a property management company and list house for rent.
Decided that we’re accepting an offer on the house to move out 3 months earlier than we had planned, yikes!!!
Finished out our Airbnb reservations that we had already committed to so for several weekends we had to be out of the house.
Sell our Nissan Murano and find and buy a truck that fit our needs.
Go out to Waco, pick up RV and find a storage unit to house it until we were ready to remodel.
Finally find someone to remodel the RV and have to deal with that ridiculousness for a couple months.
Dealt with a flea infestation in our home- twice- yay for dogs!
Sold 70% of our belongings on Craigslist to downsize. Continue to sell items up until the final evening before we set out on the road.
Found a storage unit to start moving our furniture in, we fit everything into a 10×10 space!
Fixed a huge plumbing issue in our guest bathroom, which included two giant holes in our master bath and closets.
Paint touch ups, drywall touchups throughout house.
Leaking dishwasher ;( Find a new one and replace.
Keypad on over-the-stove microwave stops working. Remove microwave, put up shelving and new backsplash.
Attend weekend business training in Dallas, a weekend away from packing.
Hit customer pool in our business and qualified for a mentorship weekend getaway! Awesome!! And yet another weekend away from packing.                                                                                                                     House sit for my parents…. yup.. more time away from packing
Find someone to take over the lease of our Mercedes since we can’t take it with us ;(
Update all of our insurance policies for house and autos.
Purchase a gazillion things for the RV, Amazon Prime loves us.
Final doctor and dentist appointments for the kids.
Sell our TVs in our home and find new TVs for the RV. Install!
Finalize website content, hire web designer
Strike a new business partnership and begin work on new website.
Finish kids clothing line collection and order samples.                                                                                       Have Finn’s 1st bday and Royce’s 3rd bday, and also, why not, a going away party for us!
Professional photoshoot for our kids clothing line with 6 kid models in downtown Austin
Remodel entire RV and purchase new furnishings.
Get truck ready for towing; new tires, new fluids.
Jeff accidentally backs up our truck into his parent’s car. More truck repairs, and delays.                                     Repairs on parent’s truck.
And finally…….

Pack up life in one home, and move life into another home.